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Guide to Greater Philadelphia
Russian Edition

The Pennsylvania-Russia Business Council announces with great enthusiasm, after two years of enormous effort, the first-ever Russian language "Guide to Greater Philadelphia". We are thankful to Liberty Publishing House for turning their attention to the diverse tourist attractions of the Greater Philadelphia area. The Liberty Publishing House, one of the most respected publishers of Russian-American literature, is famous for their brilliant "Moscow Rediscovered", the popular English language guide to Moscow. Additionally, they have published the Russian Yellow Pages Almanac and the Russian language "Walking Tours of Manhattan". Their involvement with this project shows a commitment to quality that will undoubtedly be represented in the final product.

The PRBC believes that the Russian language "Guide to Greater Philadelphia" will be an important tool in bringing a growing number of Russian tourists to the area. In 1999, Russian travelers were the third highest spending tourist group in Europe. As the Russian market-economy continues to mature and prosper, the number of Russian tourists venturing overseas is likely to increase as well.

Furthermore, the PRBC believes this guide will be a useful resource to all native Russians living in this region. There are currently 2 million people of Russian heritage residing on the U.S. East Coast. Philadelphia happens to be the home to the second largest population of Russian-speaking Americans in the United States.

The "Guide to Greater Philadelphia" is approximately 300 pages, 6" x 9", and contains over 150 original photos. It will include tours of historic and cultural places in Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. The initial printing will be 10,000 copies. A presentation of the guide will be made by the PRBC in Philadelphia in March. Also, the PRBC will present the guide during its annual press conference in Moscow, Russia. The guide will be distributed through Russian tour operators during the travel industry panel at the Russian — American Innovation Technologies Trade Show & Conference in Philadelphia, in April. Additionally, the guide will be distributed in March 2001 at the Moscow International Travel & Tourism Exhibition, the fifth largest travel industry event in the world.

The guide will be distributed to 5,000 Russian readers through direct mailing. It will also be used in conjunction with diplomatic and trade missions involving Russia and the Newly Independent States (NIS). American and Russian travel agencies plan to utilize the new guide, as well as major airlines such as Delta, Finnair, Lufthansa, and Aeroflot. The guide will also be sold directly through bookstores.

Advertisement Costs:

  • Full-Page Display Ad (5" x 8") $2500
  • Half-Page Display Ad $1590
  • Translations and preparation of the layout - additional 10%
  • Half Tones - additional 5%
  • PRBC Members receive a 20% discount off the regular price

If you are interested in advertising in the "Guide to Greater Philadelphia" - Russian edition, please contact the Pennsylvania-Russia Business Council at (215) 708-2628, (215) 963-7079.

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