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Hermes Expo International Trade Show and Exhibition

Greece and Cyprus: The stepping stone for Business activity throughout the European Union

Atlantic City, NJ - The Mid-Atlantic - Russia Business Council will be supporting and participating in the Hermes Expo International trade show and exhibition that will include a Russian section, feature discussions of international scope on the Role of Greece and Cyprus as a Basis of Doing Business with the European Union, and hold the Surprises and Business Symposium of Global Interest. The show will take place in Atlantic City, NJ, on Saturday, May 22 and Sunday May 23, 2004 at the Trump Marina Resort & Hotel. The Hermes Expo International will be bursting with activity resulting from the convergence of thousands of spectators in the Grand Cayman Ballroom from 12:00 noon to 6 p.m., expecting to view the 120 exhibiting booths and at least 4,000 commercially affiliated spectators.

Sponsored by the U.S.-Greece Business Advisory Council (supported by Philadelphia's World Trade Center, the Department of Commerce, City of Philadelphia, the CVM Companies, the Akropolis Marbles and Granite, the Pan Gregorian Enterprises, Coronis Building Systems and American Express Financial Services), Hermes Expo International, which was founded 13 years ago and is the largest event in the Greek American business, has developed into a unique networking and business growth trade show and exhibition, specifically tailored to businesses that seek to reach the Greek Americans & other Ethnic Markets and all those US Companies that are doing business in Greece.

The exhibition, held over the years in New York, Chicago and Atlantic City, attracts businesses-people and entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries all with the common goal: to expand their business reach into the highly desirable Greek and Greek American markets. In recent years, it has been striving to penetrate other Ethnic Markets within the United States. Hermes Expo International has pioneered the gathering of businesses with products and services from the US, Canada, Greece, Cyprus, and nations of Eastern Europe. Over a span of thirteen years, the Exposition has made considerable impact in the areas of the Arts, the Humanities, Crafts of every nature, Banking and Finance, Tourism, as well as Food products and services. Likewise, the Hermes Expo has attracted the attention of and made inroads with Governmental agencies the likes of Municipalities and Prefectures in Greece, City and State authorities here and trade offices across the USA.

Within the framework of the Thirteenth Hermes Expo International, a Symposium has been established as a fixed annual event during which, visitors and participants can expect discussions on the Role of Greece and Cyprus as a Basis of Doing Business with the European Union and vice-versa. The Symposium featuring Demetri Giannaros, State Representative, Connecticut, on this topic, a highlight event for Saturday, May 22, between 10:00 am and 12:00 noon, at the Biscayne Room.

For more information on participation or on directions call 610-446-1463 (Fax 610-446-3189,) email: Symposium@HermesExpo.com or visit the website at www.HermesExpo.com -or- For information regarding the Russian section, contact Val Kogan, Mid-Atlantic - Russia Business Council, by phone: 215.708.2628, email: val@ma-rbc.org, or visit the MARBC website http://www.ma-rbc.org


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