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Government Contractual Work 2005

Dear Mr. Mayor:

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation sends you its regards and is honored to invite you to represent Philadelphia at the "Government Contractual Work 2005" Forum and Exhibition, which will be held in Moscow in March 2005.

This event will allow you to witness the latest developments in the Russian procurement system, including the creation of a legal environment that is favorable for private business participation in the State bidding process. The Forum and Exhibition will bring together a large number of officials and representatives from various regions, cities, and countries, who will share their experience in the organization and conducting of tenders and subsequent execution of government contractual work.

The Ministry activities, which include attracting suppliers while ensuring fair competition and transparency of procurement procedures, are directed at development of a civilized purchasing system in Russia.

We hope that you might participate in the "Government Contractual Work 2005" Forum and Exhibition as a speaker or an exhibitor and delegate. We would appreciate if you would confirm the possibility of your participation by contacting Moscow Entrepreneurs Association, an interregional public organization authorized by the Organization Committee of the Forum at +1 (484) 467-7444 or +1 (215) 708-2628.

We would also very much appreciate if you would also provide the committee with normative documents, statistics and other relevant information about government contractual work in the City of Philadelphia.

My most sincere respect,

A. Sharonov,
Deputy Minister


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