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XI Moscow Industrial Trade Fair

MARBC to Participate in XI Moscow Industrial Trade Fair and Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs Roundtable

The XI Moscow Industrial Trade-Fair, to be held from August 30- September 2, is one of the central events organized around the celebration of City Day in Moscow. The exhibition, directed towards the promotion of national industrial production and technology in the Russian market, has an interregional character. The events promote new business contacts, increased economic linkages, and coordination between the regions and the capital. Within the framework of the exhibition, a large number of business programs will take place with the participation of directors and specialists of the Federal, Moscow city, and Moscow oblast levels of government.

The Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs, longstanding partner of the Mid-Atlantic Russian Business Council, and the oldest association for the protection of private enterprise in Russia, will organize a roundtable in the business program portion of the trade fair on "Bank Investment in Industry and High Technology: Experience and Challenges." Speakers will address various topics related to attracting investment in scientific projects. A brochure will be published on the basis of the round table with notes from the presenters.

The presentations at the round table will include:

1. "The role of non-governmental organizations in the attraction of investment into science and industry"

A. Podenok, President of Moscow Association of Enterpreneurs

2. "On problems of expert E valuation of Investment in High Technology Projects"

V. Isaev, Vice President SDM Bank

3. "Attraction of Extra Budgetary funds for Financing Scientific Projects and Development"

V. Sablin, General Director Central Research Institute of Radio & Electronic Systems, laureate of the state prize

4. "The Most Effective Instruments of Financing Industrial Enterprises and Scientific Projects"

V. Kagan, rector of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Investment

5. "Experience of the Foundation of Infrastructure for Commercial Scientific Development"

G. Volokitin, Representative of the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs Committee on Innovation Technology and Venture Financing

6. "Psychology of the Russian Scientist: What Does He Expect from His Scientific Activities?"

P. Provintsev, director of the Russian Fund for the Development of High Technology

7. "Experience in Attracting Investment from the U.S.A. into Scientific and Industrial Organizations of Russia"

Val Kogan, president of the Mid-Atlantic - Russia Business Council

8. "Role of Publication in Scientific-Technical Journals for the Attraction of Investment"

V. Parfenov, editor in chief of the Scientific- Technical Journal "Integral"

9. "Series of Publications on Investment Attraction Financing Mechanisms"

A. Kykishevskaya, lead editor "Moscow Entrepreneur" newspaper

Guests at the roundtable will include directors of innovation enterprises and organizations participating in the process of developing innovation, financial organizations, scientists, representatives of various levels of legislative and executive power, members of the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs, and winners from previous years of the innovation competition "Leader in the Field of High Technology." This innovation competition is sponsored annually by the Moscow Entrepreneurs Association and the Government of Moscow, and supported by the MARBC. This year's winners will unveil project displays as part of the round table.

Regarding other events in the business program, the main thematic division will be a conference on "Moscow City Procurement" devoted to familiarizing businesses with city procurement procedures, and exchanging information between regional suppliers and the organizers of government competitions and auctions. Other notable events will be roundtables on "Protecting the rights of consumers and development of events on the struggle against counterfactual and falsified output figures" and "Protection of Intellectual Property," and the annual inter-regional conference "The experience of Moscow and Russian regions in the support of national production." During the exhibition, the Federal Department of State Services will also hold a "Fair of Vacancies," in which more than 20 organizations participated last year.

The trade fair will be covered widely in both city-wide and national news media.


About Mid-Atlantic-Russia Business Council

Since 1994, MARBC has worked to foster business relations between Russia and the Newly Independent States (NIS), and the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region, while cultivating mutual appreciation of political, economic, cultural, and educational interests. The goal of MARBC is to enable companies based in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region to enhance their positions in Russia and the NIS and to attract Russian businesses to the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region.

To receive more information concerning the events organized by MARBC, please visit www.ma-rbc.org or contact Val Kogan, President of MARBC by phone: (215) 708-2628, email: info@ma-rbc.org or val@ma-rbc.org.

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