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Robotics 2005

As a co-organizer of the 3rd International Specialized Robotics Exhibition, the MARBC has the honor to invite you to participate in the 3rd International Specialized Exhibition Robotics 2005, to be held October 18-21 in Moscow, Russia.

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Robotics 2005 is major international exhibition designed to present the hi-tech, robotics, intelligent and mechatronic systems developed and used in Russia, and to select innovative projects to introduce to the world market of high-tech production. Exhibition participants include industrial enterprises, educational and research institutions, and media and publishing houses specialized in the field of robotics. Innovative work will also be presented by small businesses and by students.

The exhibition is carried out within the framework of Russian Technological Seasons -2005. The exhibition organizers include the Federal Agency for Science and Innovation of Russia, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the State Research Center of Russia Central R&D Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics, FRCEC, and "EXPODESIGN" Russian Exhibition Company. The MARBC will be organizing American participation in the event.

The following topics are identified as thematic issues for the exhibition:

  • Robotics: industrial robots, automated systems and intelligent manufacturing, service robots, special robots, intelligent robots
  • Intelligent consumer goods: robot toys, smart homes and household appliances
  • Algorithms, technologies, and software of artificial intelligence: displaying knowledge, fuzzy logic, training and self-training, expert systems, neural networks, genetic algorithms, algorithms of group behavior
  • Industrial electronics: interface units, systems of management and control, sensors
  • Industrial, built-in specialized computing systems: computers, processors, components, interface units, software
  • Integrated robotic and mechatronic systems
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Optical recognition systems for test and image processing
  • Metrology, measuring devices, observing systems
  • Data transmission systems: internet, communication channels, specialized software
  • Power supply systems and sources

Robotics 2005 will be held at the All-Russia Exhibition Center, Exhibition Hall # 57 from October 18-21, 2005 in Moscow, Russia. For more information, please contact Val Kogan, MARBC President, and member of the Robotics 2005 organizing committee, by phone: (215) 708-2628, or email: val@ma-rbc.org, or visit the MARBC website at: http://www.ma-rbc.org.

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