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SMART TechTrends 2006
September 21-22, 2006 in Washington, DC

Photos from the last TechTrends

SMART TechTrends 2006 is the nation's premier science, technology and R&D conference hosted by SMART, Strengthening the Mid Atlantic Region for Tomorrow. The SMART Organization focuses on developing cross-disciplinary collaboration among Mid-Atlantic business, government, academia and tech organizations as well as enhancing technology education. This exhibition provides a platform to further progress technological development and the dissemination of innovative ideas. This two-day conference, September 21-22, 2006, will be held at the Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center in Washington, DC.

This is the only conference that brings together the extraordinary science, technology, and research and development players from business, academia and government in the Mid-Atlantic region with every federal agency supporting research and development. The Mid-Atlantic – Russia Business Council has organized the Russian portion of SMART TechTrends since the event’s inception in 1999 and this year it will organize the participation of a Russian delegation to foster cooperation between American and Russian companies and scientific institutes.

SMART TechTrends 2006 aims to encourage the utiliziation of the vast array of technological opportunities within the Mid-Atlantic Region. In addition to the plenary sessions featuring well-known scientists and representatives of the venture capital arena, business and government, a whole program of specialized seminars will be held at the SMART TechTrends 2006 exhibition. Topics will include: biotechnology, nanotechnology, energy & the environment, industrial technology, the defense industry, technology transfer and venture capital, information technology and transport.

Attendee and exhibit registration are now available for the Annual SMART TechTrends Conference & Exhibition at www.techtrends.org.
For further information regarding the Russian activities at SMART TechTrends 2006, please visit www.ma-rbc.org or contact Val Kogan, Mid-Atlantic – Russia Business Council, by phone: 215.708.2628 or by e-mail: val@ma-rbc.org



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