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The Mid-Atlantic-Russia Business Council Hosts
7th Semi-Annual Russian-American Innovation Technology Week


Philadelphia, PA - The Mid-Atlantic – Russia Business Council (MARBC) will host the 7th Semi-Annual Russian-American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT) in the Mid-Atlantic states on November 12-16, 2007. The Semi-Annual Russian-American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT) is designed to bring together entrepreneurs, scientists, venture capitalists, and established corporations from the American and Russian technology communities. Based on past success, RANIT is now held twice a year, and includes an even greater number of regional technology events, seminars, panel discussions, roundtable meetings, trade shows, conferences, and networking events. Russian delegations representing the foremost Russian technology companies will take part in the various regional technology events of RANIT.  Additionally, the 7th RANIT will include an event commemorating the 200th anniversary of the beginning of Russian-American diplomatic relations.

RANIT is supported by leading regional businesses and governmental organizations, including the administrations of the City of Philadelphia, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the States of New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, as well as Mid-Atlantic regional organizations focusing on international business and technology development. The Mayor of Philadelphia, John F. Street, has officially proclaimed the Semi-Annual Russian-American Innovation Technology Week in Philadelphia.

The 7th Semi-Annual Russian-American Innovation Technology Week will open for the first time in Pittsburgh, PA, on November 12, 2007. The 7th Semi-Annual Russian-American Innovation Technology Week will focus on information technology, alternative energy technology, nanotechnology, robotics, chemical engineering, safety and security technologies, technology in education, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. Following the opening ceremonies, the Biennial Russian-American Business Opportunities Symposium will be held. Taking place within the framework of the 7th RANIT, the Symposium will include discussions on the challenges of doing business in Russia and opportunities in specific industrial sectors.  Presentations by a delegation from Kirov region will also play an important role in providing current information about the Russian business environment. 

In Pittsburgh on November 12-13, 2007, the “Commercialization of NanoMaterials 2007” conference will be included in the umbrella of events comprising RANIT.  Bringing together industrial, government and academic groups focused on producing nanomaterials, the purpose of “Commercialization of NanoMaterials 2007” is to discuss the multi-faceted technical, manufacturing and business issues related to the commercialization and rational use of nanomaterials, as well as to provide a forum for discussion among all the contributors to this effort.

Leading RANIT events in Philadelphia will include the welcoming ceremony in the Mayor’s Reception Room at Philadelphia City Hall on November 16 and the 3rd Annual Russian-American Technology Entrepreneurship Conference, which features joint opportunities for technology entrepreneurs in the United States and the Russian Federation to network.  Past conference highlights have included especially informative coaching panels, which discussed various problems faced by successful entrepreneurs, as well as practical methods for constructively and effectively addressing these problems. 

 There will also be a RANIT-associated program on technology in education organized by the MARBC.  The program will present multiple opportunities for furthering communication and cooperation between Russian and American universities, including a roundtable discussion. 

Another main event of the 7th RANIT will be an extensive MARBC-organized Russian program at the Philadelphia ITEC on November 14-15, 2007.  The Philadelphia ITEC is part of the nation’s largest series of regional business technology events for IT and business professionals, featuring a combination of national vendors and local suppliers, and a conference program with seminars on the newest issues in information technology.  The MARBC will present panel discussions highlighting Russian information technology capabilities and other topics related to Russian technology and business, as well as organize the Russian exhibition with the participation of Russian companies.

Additional events during the 7th Russian - American Innovation Technology Week (RANIT) will include a visit and roundtable at the International Incubator at the Science Center.

 "The focus of the Russian-American Innovation Technology Week is to help introduce Russian companies to the Mid-Atlantic region's local technology business and venture capital communities," said Val Kogan, President of the Mid-Atlantic Russia Business Council. "The Semi-Annual Russian-American Technology Week will help match advanced Russian technology and engineering talent with American entrepreneurial and managerial skills. Many companies in the Mid-Atlantic region are finding Russian counterparts and are developing successful business ventures. We hope this will ultimately establish the Mid-Atlantic region as a major partner for Russian technology companies and a premier center of Russian-American technology cooperation."

For further details about the Semi-Annual Russian-American Innovation Technology Weeks in 2007, please contact Val Kogan, Mid-Atlantic-Russia Business Council, by phone: (215) 708-2628, email: val@ma-rbc.org, or visit the MARBC website at: http://www.ma-rbc.org

About the Mid-Atlantic - Russia Business Council.  Since 1994, MARBC has worked to foster business relations between Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region, while cultivating mutual appreciation of political, economic, cultural, and educational interests. The goal of MARBC is to enable companies based in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region to enhance their positions in Russia and the CIS and to attract Russian businesses to the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region.

Mayor of Philadelphia's Proclamation of the 6th & 7th RANITs


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