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The Mid-Atlantic-Russia Business Council Brings

the Russian Agricultural Delegation to the Mid-Atlantic States


The Mid-Atlantic – Russia Business Council will be hosting the Russian Agricultural delegation

in New York, NY, Harrisburg, PA, and Philadelphia, PA on July 9-12, 2007


  1. Igor Aganov

Deputy General Director of Adler Trout breeding and Raising Facility

Krasnodar Region, founded in 1964 for exploration and reproduction of trout.

The factory is the biggest in Russia, and one of the largest in Europe.


  1. Anna Besedina

Director General of the Belgrankorm-Holding

Belgorod Region


  1. Victoria Bobrova

Financial Director of the Kansk Tobacco Factory

The largest manufacturer of tobacco products and accessory food substances

Krasnoyarsk Region


  1. Roman Dontsoy

Director of “Zernokom-Denisovo” Lipetsk region

Leading agricultural enterprise of the region


  1. Valery Godin

Director of Standardization and Metrology Center of Tatarstan Republic

Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation


  1. Sergey Kolesnikov

General Director of Zernokom-Denisovo


  1. Dmitriy Legeyda

Financial Director of Krasnoyarskiy Khleb

The largest manufacturer of bakery and confectionary  products in the region. The facility includes

4 bakeries and several mini shops, over 300 products based on traditional and original recipes


  1. Konstantin Nagel

President of the Board of Directors of Chitinskiye Klyuchi


  1. Lyudmila Nagel

Marketing Specialist of Chitinskiye Klyuchi


  1. Gennadiy Nesterovich

President of the Nature Management, Ecology and Agriculture Committee,

of the Legislative Assembly of Irkutsk region


  1. Alexander Nikitin

Member of the Management Board

Cheese Factory Porkhovskiy


  1. Petr Rolyan

Director of the legal department of Adler Trout breeding and Raising Facility


  1. Rashit Shayhutdinov

General Director of Tatspirtprom. The Republic of Tatarstan.

The company has consolidated production of alcoholic products of the Republic under the government control. Tatspirtprom is the business and industrial enterprise of all

the distilleries facilities of the Republic. Its total annual output equals to 6.1 mln deciliters of industrial alcohol


  1. Alfiya Shaykhutdinova

Deputy Commercial Director of Tatspirtprom JSC


  1. Valeriy Sheyko

General Director of Baker's and Confectioner's Kombinat

The Republic of Tatarstan, a leading provider of bakery and confectionary products in the Republic


  1. Tatiana Shishmareva

General Director of Khleb Ulan Ude

The Republic of Buryatiya,

Leader in quality of bakery and confectionery goods


  1. Alexander Sklyarov

Director General of Yasnye zori

Belgorod region


  1. Viktor Stepanov

Head of Pokhov Region, Pskov Area


  1. Maxim Surnin

Director of Ownership and Economic Policy Committee

Legislative Assembly of Irkutsk region


  1. Vitaliy Tichinin

General Director of Krasnoyarskiy Khleb


  1. Sergey Tchuprov   

 Director General of the Country Court Yard Company

 Krasnoyarsk region. The largest supplier of milk and dairy products


  1. Sergey Usachev     

Deputy Director General of the Tatspirtprom JSC


  1. Alexandr Yemets

General Director of Ussuriyskiy Khleb, Primorskiy region

The biggest company manufacturing a wide variety of high quality bakery and confectionary products


  1. Georgiy Yerohin

General Director of Chitinskiye Klyuchi

One of the fast growing firms of the region, founded in 1977

Wide range of goods starting with beer and non-alcoholic beverages to milk products and mineral waters are manufactured in the facility


  1. Tatiana Yerohina

Economist  of Chitinskiye Klyuchi

 26-27. Nickolay Cherkasov and Svetlana Yanovskaya


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