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 2007 Russian Chemical Industry Delegation List



SKURIKHIN Andrey         Deputy general director «SAHO»


The core areas of activity of SAHO include agricultural production, food production, chemical production and grain trading. SAHO has over 4,500 employees working to increase the competitiveness and investment capacity of the Russian agrarian sector. The socially significant projects carried out by SAHO obtain support at all levels of government.

SAHO operates in the Novosibirsk, Moscow, Omsk, Rostov, and Tula regions. SAHO branches embrace all the major agricultural regions of Russia and focus on active development of the export sector. We are convinced that the world market of agricultural products cannot fully develop without participation of the Russian producers.

We are interested in cooperation with American partners.



КUDRYAVTSEV Pavel       General director «TRIVEKTR LTD»


The research and production company “TRIVEKTR” was founded in 1991. Trivektr works on the entire innovation cycle, including development of scientific and design works for new products, technology for their production, formation of the production itself, and launching of products. The Company has its own production and scientific base, which allows us to do the research starting from pure chemical synthesis through multi-tonnage production and develop products according to technical demands of a customer.  


§         Expansion of production potential. Reinvestment in production.

  • Development of new highly efficient chemical production.

§         Providing consumers with efficient raw materials.


§         Cheap domestic raw materials, proximity to their sources.

  • Flexible production.
  • Good quality of produced goods.

§         Low price.

 We have a large demand for produced goods, and are interested in cooperation with American partners. Interested in relations development and contacts with manufacturers of organic and chemical synthesis.   



ZAKOPTELOV Valery       General director «RUSSIAN SODA COMPANY»

VASINA Olga                        Main legal adviser «RUSSIAN SODA COMPANY»

 «Russian Soda Company»

CJSC “Russian Soda Company” (“RSC”), established in August 2004, is the “youngest” among the companies of the chemical branch working in the Russian and global markets, but is nevertheless one of the three largest enterprises of the Russian chemical industry that produces and supplies soda ash. Soda ash (sodium carbonate Na2CO3 ) is a traditional product with a long history of manufacture and usage. The most common applications of sodium carbonate are glass, metallurgic, pulp and paper plants and other branches of industry. RSC’s significant production and supply of soda ash allow the company to be among the largest companies in Russia’s chemical industry.

Interested in cooperation with US Manufacturers of soda ash raw materials, and suppliers of new equipment and technologies for the glass industry.



RYABOV Sergey                            Director for Strategic Development «TITAN»

Kalugin Alexander                          First Deputy general director for

                                                                 production and business «TITAN»


The “Titan” petrochemical group was established in 1998 with the participation of the joint stock companies “Omsky Kautchuk” and “Ecooil.” This company optimizes feedstock supply to manufactures, modernizes technological processes and stabilizes financial flows to achieve following long-term targets:

- Output high-quality, competitive products through JSC “Omsky Kautchuk;”
- Modernize propylene facilities;
- Increase MTBE capacities of JSC “Ecooil;”
- Develop new export opportunities and promote domestic products into the world market;
- Building a stable financial reserve.

 JSC “Omsky Kautchuk” is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of synthetic rubber, constantly producing four types of butadiene-alphamethylstyrene rubber. The basic components of continuous development of the enterprise are cooperation with the Scientific Research Institutes in the field of technology improvement, the complex approach to the study of the current petrochemical market conditions and elaboration of new ways of manufacturing process.

JSC "Ecooil" is the leader among Russian manufacturers of the high-active oxygen-contenting additive to motor gasoline: MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether). According to RA “Expert” data, JSC “Ecooil” was rated as one of the largest companies of Siberia in 2003.

Interested in achievements study of US chemical industry, searching for financing of the own investment projects.



Platoshin Petr             General director   «MEGAPLAST»

Platoshin Leonid         Technical director «MEGAPLAST»

CJSC “Megaplast”

CJSC “Megaplast” produces automobile plastic parts using injection molding technology. The organization was established in 1993 and first produced automobile plastic parts using vacuum thermoforming technology for small series production of OJSC “AVTOVAZ.” Then the organization began to develop quickly and began using thermoplastic injection molding machines and organizing the production of automobile injection molded parts. In recent years, investments in new equipment have increased, and the industrial process has been streamlined and made more effective.  At the present moment the product-range of CJSC “Megaplast” includes more than 100 names of details for automobiles “VAZ” of different dimensions, masses and types of materials.

We use modern equipment from the leading world-wide producers such as Battenfeld (German) and LG (Korea). We have also introduced new methods of organization of production and management.  Megaplast’s staff consists of 196 people, including specialists in the sphere of mould projecting. Our employees are highly qualified, continuously passing training to raise their skill levels. Because we have our own tool shop, we have been able to repair the moulds and equipment ourselves. The organization also has its own engineering and design department and extensive experience in this sphere of activity that allows us to enlarge the range of goods by new details and to project our own press moulds. The express control of raw materials and finished goods at every stage of production guarantees the highest quality of produced goods and a stable position in the market.

Megaplast pays much attention to the management of quality and its improvement. The first important step in this sphere was certification of Megaplast’s quality management system by an independent organ of certification BVQI (Germany) in accordance with the BVQI methodology. The Conformance certificate EH ISO 9001:2000, received in June 2003, was confirmed by checking audits in 2004 – 2006 years. In May 2007, CJSC “Megaplast” passed the certification of quality management system by the demands of the international standard ISO/TC 16949 at the sphere of production of serials and spare parts for the automobile industry. The best evidence of reliability and recognition of our organization is the quartal rating of AVTOVAZ suppliers. According to this rating, Megaplast has possessed a grade of “excellent supplier” since 2001.  We are interested in cooperation with American partners.

Interested in new technologies for plastic industry, and wireless technologies for enterprise management.


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