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Proclamation Letter from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania   

Russian-American Seminar
Attracting Financing for Innovative Projects

Third Moscow Venture Forum

Central House of the Entrepreneur

June 17-18, 2009                                            


On June 17-18, 2009, the Third Moscow Venture Forum will be held at the Central House of the Entrepreneur. The forum will be organized by the Department of Small Business Support and Development of the City of Moscow, the Agency for Development of Business Innovation, and supported by the Russian Venture Company.

The forum will bring together all participants in the investment process, including business developers, angel investors, and other investors. The principal goal of the Third Moscow Venture Forum is to help entrepreneurs in managing in the current financial crisis, strategically navigating through the sources for receiving funds for the realization of their innovative projects and exposing them to the many possibilities for obtaining financing.

The speakers at the Venture Forum include: Minister of the Government of Moscow, Chief of the Department of Small Business Development of the City of Moscow, Veshigorodtsev M.N.; Director of the Department of Government Economic Regulation of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Sharov A.B.; Executive Director of the "Russian Corporation for Nanotechnology", Gordon D.C.; Director of the American Business Association "Russian Professionals", Dvornikova A.; Director of the Management of Investment Projects of “VTB Management of Actions”, Romashov C.L.; Deputy General Director of “Alliance ROSNO Management of Actions, Vasutinsky, D.V.; Managing Partner of “Incubator.ru”, Golovin A.I.; Managing Partner of "Almaz Capital Partners", Galitsky A.B.; Director of the International Fund for Technology and Investment, Cherches U.E.; Director of Russian and Central and Eastern European Strategic Business Planning Group Programming Products and Services Corporation, Franszusov I.A.; Member of Board of Directors of "Maxwell Capital Group", Popov D.C.; Director of Investments of "Bioprocess Capital Partners", Konov A.L.; Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Ponomarov E.V.; Vice Director of Innovation of the "Kurchatov Institute", Rychev M.V.; Director of Investment of the Venture Fund ABRT, Mitiushin N.I.; Vice Chairman of the Department of Science and Industrial Politics of the City of Moscow, Balashov Y.B.; General Director "Oradell Capital", Lukianchuk M.E.; Professor of the Department Information Resources of the State Higher School of Economics, Rodionov I.I.; and others.

The Seminar will discuss ways to attract financing for innovative projects and options for developing these projects both in the United States and Russia. These issues will be discussed by:
*Val Kogan, President of the Mid-Atlantic – Russia Business Council;
*Dimitri Kulish, General Director of Bio Technology Company "DKES";
*Thomas B. Nastas, President and Founder of Innovative Ventures;
*John Gallagher, Member of the Board of Directors of United States Industry Coalition;
*Dimitri Gorbunov, General Director of the International Center for Technology Cooperation, Vice Chairman of the Committee for Innovation and Venture Capital Financing of the inter-regional civic organization “The Moscow Entrepreneurship Association.”
*Representatives of Russian and international companies, Rosnanotekh, Rostekhnologiia, Google, Ernst & Young, Johnson and Johnson, York International, and others.

The organizers of the Seminar are the Mid-Atlantic – Russia Business Council; the Moscow Entrepreneurship Association; the Agency for Innovative Business of Moscow, and the International Center for Technological Cooperation. Representatives of the Russian Government and the largest state corporations will participate in the Seminar.

The Seminar will include a presentation of the largest urban technopark (scientific center) in the United States, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which has in its structure an international business incubator.

At the venture forum there will be consultants at various booths. These consultants will include government as well as corporate representatives and various investors. The forum will give participants the opportunity to discuss many of the questions and issues in regard to investing in entrepreneurial ventures. In addition, the seminar will give all participants the opportunity to discuss developing their innovations in the Russian and United States markets. These consultations are free to all participants.

For further information please contact Val Kogan, President of the Mid-Atlantic – Russia Business Council at 1 (215) 708- 2628, 1 (484) 467-7444 (cell) or by e-mail at val@ma-rbc.org.


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