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2009 “Russian Science & Technology Opportunities

for U.S. Businesses” Seminar Series


In 2009, the Mid-Atlantic – Russia Business Council (MARBC) will present its Seminar Series entitled “Russian Science & Technology Opportunities for U.S. Businesses.”  Due to the recurring, robust success of this series, which has been held in the Mid-Atlantic region since 2001, new seminars will be organized throughout the Eastern United States, including New York, NY, Washington, DC, King of Prussia, PA, Pittsburg, PA, Princeton, NJ, Baltimore, MD, and Wilmington, DE.

 Seminar sessions offer significant opportunities for technology, R&D, and science organizations to acquire extensive insight into the newest Russian technology initiatives, learn about a vast array of Russian science capabilities, and explore a plethora of potential prospects for U.S.-Russia technological cooperation. Focusing on specific cutting-edge trends and developments, these insightful presentations will be made by a diverse group of representatives ranging from major corporations to small businesses, from research universities to technology associations and foundations.  Based upon the exact seminar locations, each seminar will emphasize the particular sphere of scientific and technological cooperation specialty of that region.

 These beneficial seminars will also highlight numerous U.S. government-sponsored programs that aim to support private U.S. industry in entrepreneurial, high-tech commercial ventures with scientific and technical institutes of the former Soviet Union countries.  Such programs to be discussed will include the U.S. Industry Coalition (USIC) and the U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), which provide assistance on research and investment projects, and the U.S. Department of State’s Partners program, which through Science Centers in Moscow and Kiev offers U.S. businesses a protective infrastructure for funding basic and applied research projects, technology development and demonstration research in countries of the former Soviet Union.  Presenters will describe these programs which have been created to promote scientific and technological partnerships between American and Russian businesses.

 The “Russian Science & Technology Opportunities for U.S. Businesses” Seminar Series is an excellent means for the Mid-Atlantic business community to find out about various opportunities for mutual collaboration with their Russian counterparts in the field of science and technology.  Companies will gain unique access to the Russian R&D community and become positioned to effectively utilize this community’s expertise on corporate projects in such fields as biotechnology, instrumentation, communications, air, space and surface transportation, materials, the environment and more. This constructive series will not only help companies form strategic partnerships with their Russian counterparts, but will also assist those with sufficient experience in technological cooperation to acquire access to new technologies and extend their markets.

 For further information about the “Russian Science & Technology Opportunities for U.S. Businesses” Seminar Series, please contact Val Kogan, MARBC President, by phone at: (215) 708-2628, or by e-mail at: val@ma-rbc.org or visit the MARBC website: www.ma-rbc.org.


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